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Variations in casino poker

Variations in casino poker· Variation 1 – The Caribbean Stud Poker: The Caribbean Stud poker is perhaps the only variation of the game that is simple and yet very entertaining. This variation of the poker game gives the player the opportunity to beat the in-house dealer with the strongest poker hand. The dealer first gives the player 5 cards, and it is upon the player to either play or fold. This largely depends on the poker hand that can be made by these cards and also on the showing cards of the dealer. If the players beat the dealer, he is entitled to receive payouts that are in accordance with his poker hand. An amazing fact here is that jackpots for hitting a royal flush in this variation of the game are often in the range of a million dollars!
· Variation 2 – Poker Cranium: Online portals are probably the best place for poker cranium, and with the advancement of technology every day, these just tend to get better with each passing day. Poker cranium is still available in the good old form of ‘Jacks or Better’ and Deuces Wild’. Additionally, there are some seriously newer and more entertaining versions of the game which promise to keep you more engaged than ever.
· Variation 3 – The Three Card Poker: As the name implies, these involve the use of three cards in the game, and this form of poker in itself has a number of variations. This is similar to the Caribbean Stud poker since this also involves defeating the dealer; however, the only significant difference here is that the player is dealt only three cards at a time. These are exciting since you can make flushes and straights even more often.
· Variation 4 – Pai Gow Poker: The Pai Gow poker is traditional form of poker, and is considered to be slightly complex to the beginner players. In fact, if understood once, this can be one of the most simple and also among the most exciting. The dealer deals 7 cards to the player, and he has to split these into the best 5 and 2 card hands. The main objective here is to beat the dealer with both the hands. Another benefit of playing this variation of the poker is that ties are very common here, thus giving the player a lot of extra play.