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Strategies for the continuation bet in poker

Strategies for the continuation bet in pokerMost poker players would suggest that the size of the continuation bet should be in proportion to your pot size in such a way that you would have good odds. What this means is that you would want to bet an amount that is as small as possible to have an overlay against the opponents. However, you wouldn’t want to bet very little to give the opponents the odds to improve or draw. It is said that if you bet one half and two thirds of the pot size, you would maximize the continuation bet value by giving the best possible overlay on the bet. Your goal should be to find good balance for your continuation bets. Read more »

Variations in casino poker

Variations in casino poker· Variation 1 – The Caribbean Stud Poker: The Caribbean Stud poker is perhaps the only variation of the game that is simple and yet very entertaining. This variation of the poker game gives the player the opportunity to beat the in-house dealer with the strongest poker hand. The dealer first gives the player 5 cards, and it is upon the player to either play or fold. This largely depends on the poker hand that can be made by these cards and also on the showing cards of the dealer. If the players beat the dealer, he is entitled to receive payouts that are in accordance with his poker hand. An amazing fact here is that jackpots for hitting a royal flush in this variation of the game are often in the range of a million dollars! Read more »

The Young Winning at Poker Might Worry Some

The Young Winning at Poker Might Worry SomeMany of us are finding that when we watch the World Series of Poker, the players are getting younger. For some, they think this is cool. For others, they might worry just a bit. They aren’t worried about the game. This changes nothing as they will tell you. What they are worried about more are the things that some of these players are giving up. Read more »

Which Poker Room should you choose?

Hold Em Poker Online Guide And GamesAlso, you should take a look what games they offer, what formats, stakes, buy-ins etc. I guess to many this is the most crucial part when it comes to choose on online poker room. It can also be of significance what kind of players you will meet, if you only meet amateurs or professionals. Like Unibet for instance, when they modernized their poker room, they were very clear that their target were hobby players. While I guess you will find more professional players at the world largest poker room, PokerStars. I am member on both these poker rooms and when I play it depends on my mood which I choose that day. Or if there are any fun tournaments scheduled Read more »

Types of Poker Bonus

Online casinos decide to allow sign up at lower depositWhen you play in online casinos you can find a number of poker bonuses. These can provide you with free poker cash and many other exciting benefits. The most common type of bonus available is those for new account sign ups. These are designed to encourage new players to join the website and are very effective marketing bonuses used by most online casinos and poker rooms. Read more »

Poker Rooms


Professional FeedbackFinding the best poker games online is easy these days. There are so many different online casinos and poker rooms to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. Online poker games are fun and challenging.  Once you have built up your skill level this can also be a rewarding online sports betting pastime as there are some big money tables available. Read more »

Texas Hold Em Poker

Texas Hold Em PokerA game of Texas holdem poker begins with each player being dealt two cards face down. These two cards are either called hole cards or pocket cards. These are the only personal individual cards that each player receives in the game. No one else gets to see your personal cards unless they need to be revealed in a showdown at the end of the game. The game then begins with a ‘pre-flop’. Each player, beginning from the left, must bet on their hand or fold. Once this round of betting has been completed, and assuming there are at least two players left in the game, the flop round begins. The dealer places three cards down on the table face up. This flop is then followed by a second betting round. Once again players can choose to fold or bet. After this round the final flop happens, and a final round of betting, and possibly a showdown if there are still two players left. Read more »

Poker Cheats

Poker CheatsIt is much harder to cheat online, as the major websites have some very advanced techniques to seek out even the most expert of cheaters.  Poker cheat techniques can vary drastically in skill. As mentioned above there are some very basic cheat methods. The most common of these are peeking at other players cards, and avoiding house fees. These forms of cheating in casinos are very hard to deal with as many people will just claim they were an honest mistake. Read more »

Hold Em Poker Online Guide And Games

Hold Em Poker Online Guide And GamesSince the rise of the internet in the mid 1990’s, almost every popular every day activity has been translated in some form online. People can now do their grocery shopping online, or have video chats to friends from across the world. The opportunities online are literally endless. The gambling and gaming world has not been left out of this craze, and there are thousands of gambling sites on the internet today. One of the most popular games to play online is Texas hold’em poker. Read more »

Phil Ivey: an all rounder of the poker games

Phil Ivey: an all rounder of the poker gamesPhillip Dennis “Phil” Ivey was born on 1st of February of the year 1976. He is a great American poker player. Currently, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. He made a world record by winning ten bracelets at World Series of Poker main events. He also has a record for a World Poker Tour title and has appeared at nine final tables of World Poker Tour. He has considered as one of the best all-rounder players of the poker games. He started playing poker and honing his skills by playing against his friends and co-workers of a telemarketing firm at New Brunswick, New Jersey in the late 1990s. He has got several nicknames such as “Tiger Read more »