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Internet Casino Roulette

Internet Casino Roulette

Internet Casino Roulette

The roulette wheel consists of 36 slots, 18 of which are colored red and the other 18 are colored black. The black and the red slots are placed alternatively in the wheel. Additionally, the wheel also contains a zero slot which is green in color. In European Roulette it's a single 0 in the slot where as in case of American roulette there is a double zero. It is suggested to play single zero slots instead of double zero since they provide better odds to the player of Roulette.

This game is played by rolling a small ball in one direction inside a wheel and on the other hand the wheel spins in the opposite direction to that of the rolling ball. When the ball comes to the rest on the wheel, it places itself in one of the slots. If during the wagering (which is done before rolling the ball) you went for that slot where the ball rests finally, you are the Lucky winner.

There are many ways to wager in roulette, and many systems have been devised in an attempt to increase the odds in favor of the player. If you think a system will increase your odds there are many different systems in existence that will tell you how to bet systematically in the belief that you can increase your odds. You can play using one of the roulette systems available or just bets on hunches to select what number or series of numbers to bet on.

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