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Jacks or Better Rules

Jacks or Better Rules

Jacks or Better Rules

A full understanding of Jacks or Better Rules will definitely make you a better and more powerful Jacks or Better player. In this game, your goal is to obtain a hand consisting of a five card winning combination. The higher the value of your hand the larger your payout is when you are lucky enough to win. You are supplied with five cards. You can discard the different cards you don’t want and replace them with new cards in the hopes for getting a better hand. This discarding and replacement process can only occur one time.

When you are playing Jacks or Better online, you have to place your bet first. You will choose the coin value of your wager for every round by clicking on buttons marked “+” or “-.” You can also click on a bet one or bet max button as you wager. Each time you click on the “bet one” button, the value of your wager increases by the actual value of the coin you select. Meanwhile, the “Max Bet” button allows you to quickly place the maximum wager permitted for your coin value which is a total of five coins. Your cards are then offered to you through an automatic deal. You also have the option of choosing your wagers by clicking on the winnings table so you can make a fast wager too.

If you do not choose the “Bet Max” button, you have to click on the deal button to get your cards dealt. You can select the cards you will retain in your hand by clicking on the hold button positioned underneath each card. You can also click directly on the cards face to hold it. Once you have your hold cards, click on the “deal” button a second time and you get your replacement cards.

Losing combinations end the game immediately. Winning combinations allow for payouts or additional gaming. You can choose a doubling option if you have a winning combination. With a doubling option, the dealer will draw what is called an “open card” and you are supplied with a total of four, face down cards to choose from. You must get a card higher than that of the dealer’s card in order to win double the amount of your first winning. You can also simply collect your winnings by clicking on the “Collect button.” The doubling process can be continued as long as you keep coming up with winning hands. You are also supplied with a half double option: this means that you will actually double only half of the amount of your winnings.

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