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Jacks or Better History

Jacks or Better History

Jacks or Better History

There are indeed a range of theories that argue the history and origin of poker and Jacks or Better history is part of poker’s history. Some people assert that the game is derived from India or China, while others argue that the game originated in Egypt and Persia. The game later moved to Europe after crossing the Mediterranean with travelers and immigrants. There is however, a lot of evidence that suggests that the game made its way to the Americas with the French immigrants traveling to New Orleans. This game was then called poque and it entailed playing rounds of betting and bluffing. The poque deck may have actually been the first deck of cards with clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.

This game became popular and moved up the Ohio and Mississippi rivers via boat. The name of the game was probably corrupted at that time, and the name “poker” remained common. During the late 1860s and 70s, the game was brought westward by civil war veterans and it soon became a popular game in saloons and hotel parlors in the Wild West.

Variations of the game soon followed; popular variations included draw, stud, and straight poker. Jacks or Better is yet another variant of this amazingly popular game. In the mid 1870s wild cards were also introduced to the game. This game still remains tremendously popular, and many tournaments involving poker playing were offered, both for publicity and for prize money. The World Series of Poker is one such game that still remains amazingly popular.

By the 1970s the invention of computer chips paved the way for video poker games. These games have allowed for poker to be played in a virtual environment. Video poker has unified the appearance of slot machines, the feel of slot machines, and the rules of different poker games to offer card player a one of a kind virtual gaming experience. A chief difference identified between Jacks or Better video poker and traditional poker is that you are not playing the game against live people, instead your opponent is the computer. Bluffing is not necessary in video poker games because there is no one to bluff! You are gaming with odds and working on coming up with the best hand combinations possible. Video poker is still challenging, fast paced and fun, and it continues to keep the popularity of poker gaming alive.

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