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Jacks or Better Games

Jacks or Better Games

Jacks or Better Games

Jacks or Better is a five card poker game where the betting can only be opened after the deal by a player with jacks or better. The winner of the poker pot needs to have a set or three of a kind or better to take down the pot. If neither requirement is met, the players ante again and are dealt a new hand until there is a winner.

A better variation of this game is any player that folds is out of the pot until it is won on a redeal. This makes more players stay and builds the pot. This game is a version of draw poker where there is a round of betting after every player is dealt five cards and again after they have drawn their new cards.

Another variation of this game is the reverting to low ball if no player wins the pot with the required high hand. One final version is raising the opening requirement to queens or kings or Aces if the opening hand cannot be met on the first deal. All of these variations have one element in common, they build up the pot for the eventual winner.

Draw poker in its many versions is still offered on some poker sites, but the games have lost their following to Holdem and Omaha in this day of online poker. Though once very popular the game gave way to seven card stud and then to Holdem and Omaha at online poker sites.

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