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Slots Common Mistakes

Slots Common Mistakes

Slots Common Mistakes

There are two common mistakes when playing slots with a range of coins per line. the first is not playing the maximum coins allowed as the jackpots are only paid if the maximum is bet.

the second mistake is not drawing to the correct hands or cards. In other words cutting down the odds of improving the hand by drawing to the wrong cards. Keeping a kicker is a bad play in a wild card game as well as a natural game. The draw should be played to capture the maximum payoff as often as possible.

Play the maximum coins you can afford per line, but always play so the jackpot is maxed out if hit. Nothing worse than hitting a Royal Flush with a less than max bet on the line. This is a costly error that many players make trying to save money per spin. Drawing to a pair is better in a wild card game than to two pair. The one pair draw is open to three of a kind or better with a draw of three cards. Wild card games should be played by keeping multiple wild cards and letting the draw go as it may give a Royal. the worse hand it will give is three of a kind.

Do not be afraid to throw the entire hand away and draw five cards if the hand dealt is loser and there is no good drawing hand in the five cards. Play for the biggest payouts as that is the only way to ever get one. Few Royals are dealt cold.

Playing in practice mode enables players to practice playing online slots before making a deposit. This is a great option for those who want to learn the rules and build strategies before playing "for real".

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